What is it Transformational Healing used for?

What is it Transformational Healing used for?

Transformational healing can be used for most conditions on the physical as well as the mental levels.

Sad Women Sitting AloneAnxiety

We all get anxious at times when we don’t easily understand things or feel threatened. With Transformation healing the anxiety is reduced or eliminated as the blocked memories are released.


Stress can have many physical symptoms such as aches and pain as we hold our muscles in the fight or flight mode. As you release the pushed down negative memories you the body and mind can begin to recover without having to re- live past traumas.


The grip of fear can be so debilitating it can keep us from leading our lives in a positive way. With Transformation healing once the fear is released giving you the chance of living your life without the drama.

Physical IllnessIv in Arm

As the blocked or pushed down negative memories are transformed with Transformational Healing the body can begin to heal on the physical level.


We all deal with grief differently, so it is a very personal journey. Transformation healing helps to release the hurt allowing you to lead a more meaningful life.

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