About your Transformational Healing session

After you are seated comfortably and feeling fully relaxed with some simple breathing exercises you will be asked to give permission for your Soul to join you.

  • I begin facilitating by surrounding you with an energy of oneness and connect to your soul and body.
  • As I talk to you, memories sometimes surface of incidents that were blocked out or pushed down.
  • As you share these memories with your soul they are released.
  • When the releasing has come to an end, you are surrounded by and energy of “truth” and I assist the body in taking in your ultimate truth. “That you are a Divine being”.
  • Your body cells absorb this wonderful truth and begin to hold a more positive energy, happiness and joy. This leads to you having a more loving and optimistic attitude towards yourself and others.


How long is a process?

A Transformational healing process takes about an hour.

How many processes will I need?

Positive results can be obtained from just one process however repeated processes enables you to not only reach a healthy mental state but possibly a healthy physical body.

Where will the session take place?

Your Transformational Healing process can take place  in

The Garden Healing House, Holsworthy or via skype

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Feedback and report

You will recieve an email asking for feedback after 3 days have passed, once this is added to the full report of your session it is emailed to you.

Book your session and start your healing journey today

Can I have treatments while I’m on holiday in Devon?

You could include your treatments with spending some time visiting this beautiful part of the country.

For example, I could give you a treatment in the morning and/or the evening which would give you the rest of the day to enjoy the sights of Devon.

For places to stay and visit in Devon