Transformational Healing

What is Transformational Healing?

Carefree WomanOur human body cells hold all our memories and the cells which hold the memories of previous negative experiences are “transformed”.

Once the releasing is completed it creates room in these cells for more happiness, joy and peace into your life.

This is a fast and effective way of being able to help the body heal physically and be able to live your life without the drama.

What are these memories?

These are the memories of that have been pushed down or suppressed and can eventually cause dis-ease within the body and mind.

What sort of memories are these?Child Crying

  • Not feeling you were loved enough by your family or carers
  • The trauma of accidents or abuse
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • The ending of a relationship
  • Losing a loved one
  • Not being able to speak up for yourself
  • You may have been brought up not to make a noise, show anger or cry which you have suppressed and have now forgotten about.

These experiences can lead to you setting your beliefs in a negative way by believing you are not good enough or that life is always difficult.

Did you know Transformational Healing can be used to relieve anxiety and stress?

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