Your Timeline session

About your Timeline session

  • We begin by creating your timeline this can be a line on the floor or created by yourself within your imagination
  • You then stand where you feel you are now in your life on the timeline which is then marked
  • I act as your anchor so you are safe to go back or forward in your life to a time that you feel is important
  • You are prompted to describe what you see and feel about what is happening
  • These feelings are explored until you come to a place that gives you peace and solace
  • The peace and solace are collected up and carried back to the now
  • As the issues are resolved you will see these events in a new less hurtful way

Lady on a roadDo I just go to the one place in a session?

Not necessary, you will get the opportunity to go to as many times in your life you need to at the session.

Will I always go to the past?

You may need to explore something in your future. This might be about changes you are thinking of making.

Where will the session take place?

In my Garden Healing House in Holsworthy or from the comfort of your own home via skype

Feedback and reports

You will be asked for feedback once 3 days have passed. This is added to the full report of your session and emailed to you