Your Three Dimentional Therapy session

About your Three Dimentional Therapy session

We work together with you taking an active part which will empower you to create your own healing.

  • We start by finding the negative program, then the limiting belief, followed by the faulty core belief


  • Once you are happy with the above then we go onto creating the opposite which is


  • Positive programme, strengthening belief and and empowering core belief.


  • Any other blocks that are found are also cleared


The session ends with me balancing your head followed by anywhere on the body that might need it,zen with a magnet

How long is a session?

A session takes about an hour but can last longer

How many sessions will I need

This is a very powerful therapy so one session maybe all you need however you made need more to reach further issues.

Feedback and report

After 3 days you will be asked how you feel which is added to the report of your session then emailed to you