What is The Emotion Code used for?

AngerAs the trapped emotion is released from the body the symptoms it caused will be reduced or completely disappear.

Physical pain and disease

As the trapped emotion causes disruption within the body it can manifest as physical pain or disease.  Once the release has taken place this will reduce or clear completely.

Shyness with others

Sometimes we pick up others emotions especially if they are close to us. This can cause a number of problems within our minds. Once released you are free to live the life your deserve

Not being able to feel emotions

In times of great stress or trauma we build a protection barrier around our hearts known as “A Heart Wall”. This can emotionally block our feelings. Once the Heart Wall trapped emotions are released it opens us up to feeling again.

Feelings of Anger

Not expressing anger at the time of the event can cause trapped emotions. As these are released these feelings of anger gradually subside

Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes we can inherit an emotion which can be many generations back. This becomes trapped in us at the time of our conception. Once released the symptoms of stress and anxiety being to fade so that we can get on with our lives


We can have more than one trapped emotion causing our symptoms. Although these emotions can be trapped anywhere in the body the cause may manifest somewhere completely different. Depression can be helped by releasing trapped emotions.

Lack of Self Motivation

We can all get complacent at times but when this does not dissipate it can be a problem. Trapped emotions can be at the root of any problem. Once they are released the Lack of Self Motivation disappears.

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