About your Emotion Code session

If your session is in person

During the session I make a connection to you.

We make a list of your symptoms that we shall be working on

We can muscle test you by gently pushing down on your arm or I can do this on your behalf to ascertain a yes or no answer.

If the arm stays strong the answer is yes if it is weak the answer is no.

If your session is by Skype or phone

World Web connectionI shall make a connection to you and we shall make of list of your symptoms that we shall be working on.

I will be muscle testing myself on your behalf. I will effectively be you, as I gently push down on my arm to obtain yes and no answers.

What happens next ?

We go through a series of questions to establish the name of the trapped emotion, at what age it became trapped, where it is lodged in the body and any other information that is important to the identification of the emotion.

You may remember the incident or identify with the emotion.

How is the trapped Emotion released?

To affect the release I run a magnet down your back, (or over my head if I am acting as the proxy) a few times which  magnifies my intention for you to release the trapped emotion.

What will I feel when the trapped Emotion is released?

As the trapped emotion is released you may feel some tingling, a light ache or Woman holding hands upfeel the emotion moving out of the body.

Some clients experience lightness or cleansing and a sense of release and relief within the body or mind.

You will be processing for a few days after the session while your body and mind adjust.

How long will a session take?

A session takes about an hour however your first session will take longer so that we have time to discuss the process and any questions you may have.

The session comes to an end when the muscle testing indicates that there are no more trapped emotions to be released at this time.

Feedback and report

You will recieve an email asking for feedback after 3 days have passed, to allow the body and mind to make adjustments. Once this is added to the full report of your session it is emailed to you.

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