About your Reiki Seichem Session

The Reiki Seichem energies pass through clothing so there is no need to undress.

In person

  • As you are laid comfortably on the massage bed with soft music playing you are given time to close your eyes and relax.
  • Reiki Seichem treatment is usually given as a hands on therapy, however, if you prefer it can also be with my hands just above your body.Spa for Hands
  • I begin your treatment by placing my hands on your shoulders while I connect to the universal energy and you. I continue to very gently place my hands on or above your body where I feel the energies are needed.
  • If required Reiki symbols are drawn above the body in the air and crystals are placed under and around the massage bed. These will strengthen the energies helping your own healing abilities work better.
  • You may experience the energies as heat, cold or a tingling sensation and perhaps see colours as the treatment progresses.
  • Towards the end of the treatment I hold my hands above the body to balance the chakra energy centres which help them work in harmony together.
  • Reiki Seichem is kept very peaceful and relaxed with very little or no communication until the treatment is completed.
  • As the treatment comes to an end you are given time to bring yourself back into the room.
  • To finish we shall give each other feedback of the session

Distant session

If you are receiving a session at home  find a quite comfortable place to either lie down or sit. The session will take place as above but remotely.

JettyHow many Treatments will I need?

Some conditions respond very quickly to the energies requiring only one treatment while other conditions take longer to heal so more treatments will be needed to bring the body and mind fully into balance.

How long does a session last?

A Reiki Seichem treatment lasts about an hour

Feedback and report

You will recieve an email asking for feedback after 3 days have passed, once this is added to the full report of your session it is emailed to you.

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Where will the session take place?

Your Reiki Seichem treatment will take place in

The Garden Healing House, Holsworthy

Or the comfort of your own home which is received distantly while you lie comfortably
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Can I have treatments while I’m on holiday in Devon?

You could include your treatments with spending some time visiting this beautiful part of the country.

For example, I could give you a treatment in the morning and/or the evening which would give you the rest of the day to enjoy the sights of Devon.

For places to stay and visit in Devon