Reiki Seichem

What is Reiki Seichem?

Stone on WaterReiki Seichem

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”.

Seichem (pronounced Say keem) is an ancient form of healing

As I channel both the ancient Seichem and the modern Reiki therapies at the same time it gives strength and power to the treatments bringing you back into balance.

As the channelled energies are released through my hands they begin to work with your energy centres called Chakras. These chakras can become imbalanced, disrupted or blocked by our thoughts feelings and emotions which in time causes your body to function less effectively.These energies can also be sent any distance without diminishing, so you can enjoy a session in the comfort your own home.


Why use Reiki Seichem?Sunbeam in Pine Forest

Reiki Seichem is a natural, gentle yet powerful form of healing. These powerful energies give you a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing as they strengthen your own healing abilities. This will help bring you back to health on the emotional, physical and mental levels.

Did you know Reiki Seichem can be used to relieve anxiety and stress?

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