What is Quantum Touch used for?

Quantum Touch can help with virtually everything.

All the conditions I have treated have responded to Quantum touch by either healing completely or have improved.

Skeletal Issues

Quantum Touch is famous for realigning bones and balancing the body.  It has been proved to work especially well with scoliosis by straightening the curvature of the spine and realigning the corresponding muscles.

With Quantum Touch joints and bones just glide back into place with ease without manipulation.

If the joints or bones are out of alignment it can cause problems with pain as the body tries to compensate for the imbalance.

With a simple check on your gait it is clear to see, for instance, if one hip is higher than the other. By placing my hands and applying the Quantum Touch technique to the area it will realign itself without manipulation, leaving the hips realigned..

BackpainBack Pain

Back pain responds fast with positive results with Quantum Touch.

You simply need to tell me where the pain or problem area is.  I shall place my hands on the area and apply the Quantum Touch technique.

The pain may move as the healing takes place leading us to where the problem began. I shall follow and continue to apply the technique until the pain leaves the body.

I can gently touch each vertebra with my fingers allowing the powerful energy to realign the spine. There is no need for physical manipulation

Knee Pain

Our knees have to work hard holding our body’s weight whilst keeping us upright. When you have pain or discomfort in the knees it can reverberate throughout the body. We tend to move differently which can then affect the hips and back.

By applying the Quantum Touch to painful knees it will kick start your own healing ability so that the joint can realign reducing inflammation and swelling making it more comfortable and even pain free.

Reducing Inflammation

Quantum Touch works so well with inflammation. As the pain and swelling is reduced or eliminated the energy then begins to work with the underlying problem which caused the inflammation.


This responds well to Quantum Touch greatly reducing or eliminating the pain and inflammation

Swollen Joints

As the inflammation is reduced the swelling begins to go down with Quantum Touch

Soft Tissue Injury

Quantum Touch quickly reduces or eliminates the pain and swelling by healing the area.


Sore muscles respond to the Quantum Touch technique by kick starting your own healing releasing the tightness which causes the pain.

Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains can take a long while to heal however the Quantum Touch technique can significantly reduce the healing time.


Quantum Touch balances the mind allowing your healing abilities to calm the thinking process reducing or eliminating the stress or anxiety.


As your healing abilities work worry and anxiety are calmed or eliminated with the Quantum Touch technique.

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