Supplement testing

Are you taking the right supplements for your body?

Through making a connection to you and receiving answers with muscle testing we can establish the best supplements  for you.

Before testing can take place

  • I will need to know about any medications you are taking
  • What you are taking the medications for and for how long
  • I shall need to know about any supplements or alternative remedies you are taking
  • If you have a condition that requires the supplements or alternative remedies to feel better

I shall be testing to see if each supplement will be able to be taken with your current medications, supplements and alternative remedies

Do I need to be present when the testing takes place?

As the testing takes place remotely you don’t need to be present.

ID-10036718The results of the testing

  • An email is sent to you with the following information:
  • The name of the supplement, where to purchase it from.
  • How much of the supplement you need to take and for how long you need to take it
  • If you prefer a complete service, we can arrange for your order to be placed and then posted to you