Allergies and intolerances

Allergies and intolerances are on the increase

We can be allergic or intolerant to practically anything which can cause such misery to the sufferer. As this is an energy that moves into our bodies it can just as easily be moved out again.

What happens with the testing?

This is done remotely without you having to be present.

  • As this is part of your health and wellbeing check I will already have the information about your medications and supplements that I need.
  • I make a connection to you and the results are gained by muscle testing for yes or no answers to the questions I will be asking.

Will I have to avoid what I am allergic or intolerant too?

Sick woman in blanket


  • Not necessarily I shall clear the energy of the allergy or intolerance from the body so that you feel better. Sometimes it is cleared totally or you may have to avoid the item for a length of time or permanently.
  • I shall also clear what is the underlying cause of the allergy or intolerance which could be a trapped emotion or an imbalance in the body.
  • If there are many causes then you will be advised to have sessions of the Body Code and/or Emotion Code until the causes are released


The results of the testing

An email is sent to you with the following information about the allergy or intolerance

  • What the allergy or intolerance is
  • The underlying cause and if you need further sessions
  • How long you need to avoid the allergen