Your Health and Wellbeing Check

How are you feeling?

It’s not often we feel into what our bodies are doing or how they feel. Things can happen slowly over time until the problem becomes overwhelming.

  • Do you have lots of energy and bounce? Are you happy to exercise or do you have to much pain to bother?Man with shoulder pain
  • Your symptoms could be due to an allergy or intolerance to a food, dust or pollen
  • Or you need a nutrient, herb or food that you are lacking leaving your body struggling with pain or exhaustion

What is a health and wellbeing check

A Health and Wellbeing Check covers what supplements, herbs or food your  body might need and what allergies, inolerances you may have and how to deal with this.

How does this work?

You start the process by making a booking for a health and wellbeing check. You will receive and email requesting some information of any medications or know allergens you might already have.

I make a connection to you remotely and muscle test by pressing down gently on my arm, if my arm stays strong the answer is yes if it is weak the answer is no. This is done with me acting on your behalf with the connection.

From a list of supplements, herbs or foods it will be a process of elimination until I reach the one that will benefit you.

To test for the allergies/intolerances this is also a process of elimination and intuition to find the allergen.

I will find out if there is something underlying the allergen which is making your body imbalanced, causing the allergen and clear this.

You receive a full report of what is found

box foldersThis will contain a list of nutrients, herbs and/or foods

The amount your body needs of each and in which form would benefit you the most

The allergy/intolerances that have been cleared and how long you need to stay away from the allergen