Rita – Not happy with her body limitations



Rita was concerned that as she became older her body was not working properly which made her feel frightened. She also felt she could not trust her body anymore and felt frustrated with the limitations . Part of the problem was having a painful right thigh and buttock, excessive sweating and screaming noises in her head

How I helped

Emotion Code

Body Code


Right buttock

  • The painful right buttock was not helped by the bacterial infection of the skin which had begun 4 days before Rita’s therapy session.


  • A microbial fungal toxicity was causing the body to supply energy to other areas leaving the buttock to take care of itself.  When a fungal infection dies, they release toxins into the body, this was what Rita was experiencing.


  • A hidden “No will to live” was created when Rita felt overwhelmed by her bodies problems and momentarily lost the will to live. We hide something when we don’t want to even admit it to ourselves.


Right thigh

  • A broadcast message of “I am afraid” was created when Rita felt she couldn’t cope with her body’s limitations. This is sent out subconsciously without realising it which was increasing Rita’s feelings of negativity towards her body. This was changed to “I am confident”


  • We found a memory of feelings of “no hope and no future” which was created when Rita’s son died, this memory was stuck in front of her and was moved behind her putting it into the past.



  • There were 2 trapped emotions of feeling worthless which were created at different difficult times in Rita’s life, these had become lodged in her throat and right thigh and created an imbalance that in turn created the excessive sweating.


Noises in the head

  • A bacterial infection, that had began 4 days earlier, at the back of the nose  was cleared.


  • We can become allergic to anything even an idea. Rita had become allergic to the idea of ”being worthy” at a time when her partner left her without any warning.


  • Rita had become a carer in recent years.  She had created a trapped emotion of “Taken for granted”  when she felt not appreciated while working hard to help the person she was caring for.



The infections and imbalances were cleared, resulting in Rita becoming calm and less irritable.

As the noises in her head subsided it gave Rita a sense of relief helping her to feel a lot brighter and relaxed. The shooting pains in the right leg and the right buttock disappeared and the excessive sweating stopped resulting in making her feel peaceful .

A complete emotion code session was concentrated on clearing from Rita’s childhood, taking her back to a time she had almost forgotten.


Clients comments


and needed to love myself. I now care about what is going on with me and  have begun to diet and  lose weight

I can move my body as I haven’t got the pain in my buttock or legs anymore. I am not frightened and now trust my body again, accepting my limitation and learning to live with these.

Life is a lot easier, I feel a lot happier than I did. I am now coping with things that come up.

Looking back I used to run around in circles trying to do everything to be caring, it became very draining. I now feel I have control back which is making both our lives easier. I am more ready to stand up for myself when the caring becomes unnecessarily demanding, I have stopped being overwhelmed. It has created a new easy relationship with the person I care for.

The sessions made me realise how much we carry from our childhood.


The name of this client has been changed