Marie – Tinnitus


Marie had been suffering from noises in her ears for a long time, it had become such a problem.  It was now intruding on her life so much and making her feel very unhappy.


How I helped

Body Code System sessions

  • A hidden toxicity to sound which was caused by a bacterial infection at the top of her nose was found and cleared. It occurred 4 days prior to her session and was hidden as she didn’t want to admit this to herself.


  • Marie had created a  broadcast message of “I’m deaf” which was being sent out subconsciously without her realising it. This happened at a time when she was unhappy with her home life and didn’t want to hear what was going on around her. This was changed to “I have perfect hearing”


  • Marie’s Parietal brain lobe which is associated with movement, orientation, recognition had become imbalanced. This was caused by an allergy to the idea of having perfect hearing. We can become allergic to anything even an idea. If Marie was allergic to having perfect hearing it was not something that was going to happen for her.



The numbers that Marie gave for how the tinnitus was affecting her life started at an 8 out of 10. These numbers would fluctuate during and after each session. This was caused by the movement of energy around the body after releasing the imbalances.

As the sessions progressed the numbers gradually reduced steadily to a 1 out of 10.

Her life became more relaxed she did not get so stressed about her work or home life which in turn reduced the noises.


Clients Comments

I was very concerned about the tinnitus , I still do have it but only really notice when I am quiet and it certainly is much less intrusive than it was.

At the time I had no idea it could be associated with a wish to not hear,  what was going on around me or perhaps my own voice and my voice of reason

The sessions helped to reduce the intensity of the tinnitus and allowed me to focus on paying attention to mine and others sense of reason


This clients name has been changed