Janet – Attachment to ex husband


Janet had become stressed with the family court proceedings with her ex husband over the custody and care of their child. She felt stuck and couldn’t seem to move forward or detach herself from her ex. She still felt angry and fearful


How I helped

1 x Body Code session


  • When Janet’s son was born she left the violent relationship with her husband. At this time Janet had created “I’m just not good enough” which had anchored her in that time, preventing her from letting go of her husband. Once released it created a space within Janet so she was able to see what she really wanted in her life.


  • Janet’s ex husband had created a negative energy cording around her throat, preventing her from speaking up. He had the other end of the cord attached to his fingers so he could manipulate this whenever he wanted. Janet found she could not speak up and felt intimidated at every court visit. This was created at a time when the proceedings were at their most difficult. The feeling of lightness filled Janet on the release of this cord.


  • As the family court proceedings became overwhelming for Janet she found herself and her children homeless.
    This was compounded by being stalked by her ex husband and having to take out proceedings against him. At this time Janet felt she couldn’t be true to herself and had created a message of “I’m hiding” which was being transmitted to others unknowingly. As this was released it was replaced with a feeling of freedom which brought tears of relief for Janet


The toll that the court proceedings had taken on Janet gradually melted away. Janet not longer felt intimidated as she attended court. Instead of the fear she had held Janet was able to see her ex husband with pity for his plight of not being able to move forward with his life. Janet managed to detach herself from him in a healthy way once the anger she felt had gone.


Clients comments

I am more postive, confident and a lot calmer. I have changed my diet to organic food and natural remedies. My thought processes have changed. I can now take a step back and look at things differently. I have decided to change my career and discovered what no longer serves me.  I am so excited about my future. January, I usually find depressing but it has flown by because I am looking forward to something new.

This clients name has been changed.