Evelyn – Regrets about moving home


Evelyn had made a rash decision to move from Hampshire to Devon leaving her friends and lifestyle behind. She felt it would improve her life. This had been a pattern in her life. Together with her husband they had bought a house that needed a lot of renovation work which she was finding difficult to face.

How I helped

Transformation Healing

  • I created and energy of oneness around Evelyn and myself which gave a connection between us both. This connection was with Evelyn’s body and soul. Intuitively I was prompted to say what would take her into her negative memories, so that they could be released.


  • Evelyn was in a meditative state and was comfortable. She could come out of this at any time by just opening her eyes.


  • This is what transpired after the session when we sat chatting about what happened.

What Evelyn experienced  

  • I could see myself taking the steps down to the secret garden. I was in my back garden when I was a child, with a tree, the council took it down and left a stump, in there at that time I was very happy, playing around the tree stump, playing leap frog.


  • All the emotion that ties with this time was there, that is what I am looking for everywhere, this settled place, because at that time I knew of nothing else and after that and since then I have not been able to get that happy state back.


  • I wanted to be with the tree and the happy times.


  • I’d rather be outdoors than indoors and that is how my life has been.   Because of that wonderful time from childhood, I don’t let anything be.


  • I feel that is the key, because of that time, I am not allowing my life to unfold as it should I create my own obstructions all the way along.


  • After this it felt that there was a long time of just being with nothing going on but feeling very relaxed, sitting quiet and allowing things  to happen. I could feel a releasing and I felt much happier and lighter. I didn’t have to do anything it was just happening as if I was being allowed to let it happen and I wasn’t obstructing anything.


What I did next

I created an energy of truth with Evelyn taking her into a place which was much more uplifting.


What Evelyn experienced  

I felt my connection to spirit I didn’t see anything and I increasingly felt this. I got the feeling I can do anything with an openness and calmness


What I did next

I then prompted Evelyn to ask her soul if there was anything she needed to know


What Evelyn experienced  

My message from my Soul was

Be true. This felt like a dream that I couldn’t remember the details but it was familiar from the past.



Evelyn could see why she kept repeating this pattern of making rash decisions about where she felt she should live and where it stems from.

The whole session make her feel much more relaxed and as if all will be well and that she can do this.


Clients comments

I can see why we moved away from Hampshire. It is so busy and crowded and it now makes me feel worse being there. I find it draining to go back there now.

I still miss my friends in Hampshire  but I see them differently now. They are still doing exactly the same things, I’ve lost the attachment to that lifestyle now

My decision to move to Devon I can see now was not rash but perhaps not thought out and structured for the best. I see this move differently now it has made me look at myself. I am much happier and relaxed with knowing that it may take me a while to feel at home in Devon.

I now feel more comfortable in the house and I no longer worry about the future it will be what it is

This client’s name has been changed