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These are available in person at the

The Garden Healing House, Holsworthy

Or from the comfort of your own home by skype, facetime or phone

Workshops places are secured with a booking and deposit

To book appointments for therapy, book your place for workshops and meetings, or to ask about concessions please email

Telephone  01409 67407007966 501957


This is via bank transfer,Paypal or cheque with an email payment request. You don’t need an account with Paypal to make your payments just follow the instructions.

Cash or cheque is accepted on the day of your in person treatment and workshops

Price List

All Therapies are £50 per session

Concessions are available

Your Initial Consultation is Free

Therapy Plans

What is a Therapy Plan?

From your free consultation we shall establish how you are feeling and what your goals are. From there I can let you know which therapies will benefit you the most in order for you to reach your goals.

A therapy plan is unique to you and it will be a combination of the therapies that I offer.

You will decide how often you have a therapy session and how you would like to have your session. This can be by skype, facetime, in person or by phone.

Sometimes you will be advised and helped to make changes to the way you view life. A new way of looking at things can help you overcome old habits.

A therapy plan helps you see how you are progressing, have time to discuss anything new that has arisen or to clarify the advice given to you.


Which Therapies and how often?Lavender Salt for Spa

You may require a lot more of one therapy than another. Each type of therapy maybe required on a different basis such as monthly, weekly or bi-weekly.

This just means that you are advised not to have a particular therapy any earlier than recommended.

The number of therapies is reviewed during your therapy plan, it can reduce as you are feeling better


What else happens?

Once the Therapy Plan is completed we shall arrange for a free session.

In this session we shall review your original consultation and see how you feel now and what changes have taken place.

You will receive a copy of the consultation notes that contains how you felt at the beginning and the end of your therapy plan and any emails we have shared in the course our time together on your healing journey

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