What is the Body Code System used for?

The Body Code System can be used for virtually anything. These are just a few of the complaints that have been successfully treated.

Type 2 Diabetes

As the imbalances were identified and corrected the body indicated that it not longer has a problem with processing sugar.Medicine

Under-active Thyroid

When we don’t speak up for ourselves or have other imbalances within the body it can manifest in the thyroid gland causing an imbalance. The thyroid gland was balanced after 3 sessions


A number of imbalances were revealed which were causing digestive problems, once these were addressed the symptoms cleared

Painful Joints and Muscles

Painful areas are a sign of imbalance somewhere in the body, this can be corrected within minutes or it may take longer as we peel away the layers which are creating the imbalances.


FearFear of spiders

Not even being able to be in the same room as a spider was making this persons life impossible. They dreaded clearing out dark places and would be constantly on the lookout for spiders. Clearing the underlying imbalances made relaxing easier then calmness around spiders.

Night terrors

Waking after the same terrifying dream, sweating and confused can make you afraid to even attempt to sleep. Together we can identify the underlying cause and once cleared the dreams never return.

Weak Bladder

Having to frequently dash to the toilet can make life a misery. The imbalances causing this can be very old or recent, it may involve changes to your diet to complete the correction.

Blood PressureHigh blood pressure

This can be a silent problem for many people. I have seen this clear after 2 sessions without the need for medication.

Depression and unhappiness

Releasing old hurts and emotions, clearing imbalances the depression eased to the point where medication was no longer needed. Unhappiness is turned around after finding out what is causing the problem then releasing it simply and effectively.


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