About your Body Code System session

The Body Code Chart has 6 main categories which are Energies, Circuits and Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments and Nutritional and Lifestyle. Within these there are sub categories, so any imbalance can be found and corrected or a suitable remedy found.

I make a connection to your sub conscious which is your internal computer and stores all your past events and information. The imbalance is located by muscle testing to find yes and no answers to the questions asked of your sub conscious

The imbalance is cleared or the solution you need is found.

As the imbalances are removed it makes conditions right for the body to heal itself.

A session in person

During the session with your permission I shall be connecting to your subconscious. We can muscle test you by gently pushing down on your arm or I can do this on your behalf to ascertain a yes or no answer.

  • You need to be fully hydrated for the muscle testing to work with you or the body will be under stress.

Phone callA session by skype or phone

  • You will not need to be hydrated for this type of session.
  • With your permission I will connect to your subconscious and muscle test myself on your behalf receiving a yes or no answer to the questions asked.

What will I feel?

As the energies are released you may feel some tingling, a light ache or you may experience lightness or a sense of relief within the body or mind.

Will I have any after affects?

You will be processing for a few days after the session while your body and mind adjust.

Feedback and report

You will recieve an email asking for feedback after 3 days have passed, once this is added to the full report of your session it is emailed to you.

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