Wellbeing made easy

Sometimes we lose our way with life by doing and eating the same things and never questioning our friendships.

It’s time to start to look at these things to make that difference to your life. If we always say, do, eat the same things then we will always get the life we have made for ourselves.

Make a start by looking at what you are doing.


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When you wake in the morning how do you greet your day?

  • Be grateful for your wonderful day
  • Show gratitude for your legs that carry you
  • Your eyes that see and your hearing

Can you make time to do some exercise?

  • A short walk in the fresh air if not then just take time to breath in the day by standing outside
  • Move your body around, lift your legs and swing your arms
  • Slowly move your head in a circle then lift your shoulders up and down

How do you feel?

  •     Do I feel healthy, in pain or is a part of you irritating?
  •     Breath slowly and deeply into these areas one at a time
  •     This will help heal the problem

What are my emotions doing?

  •     Touch base with your emotions and ask yourself am I angry, happy, depressed or anxious
  •     Take a moment to feel into any negative emotions
  •     Then become aware of them, acknowledge they are there and then accept them.

Look in the mirror and say “I Love you” and give yourself a big smile.

  • How did you feel when saying I love you?
  • Do you feel it is vain to love yourself, what other feelings did it bring up?
  • Keep saying this each day, you will become comfortable with it, you deserve to love yourself.

How is your eating pattern?

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Do you feel satisfied with the food you eat?

  • Can you taste your food?
  • Did you know that chewing is the first part of digestion? Chew until the food is like liquid before you swallow
  • Eating something different every 3 days helps to stop you becoming intolerant to a food

Are you eating when you are not hungry?

  • We fool ourselves into thinking we are hungry when we need to drink water
  • Do you eat because it is a certain time or just because it seems the right thing to do
  • Taking your time when eating lets your brain tell your stomach you are full

Is your diet balanced?


  • Do you skip meals then find yourself snacking on sugary or empty carb foods?
  • When was the last time you checked to see what a healthy meal would consist of?
  • A change of diet doesn’t have to be drastic, it can be achieved a little at a time

Would you need help with finding a healthy diet

  • We shouldn’t need to keep dieting and restricting our food intake
  • Is it what and when you are eating that is not causing a problem
  • Help can be found with a nutritional therapist giving you guidance and advice

Making adjustments to eating

Ask yourself

“Do I need this food”

“Why am I eating this food”

“What memories is it stirring up for me”


Is it a friend or not?


2 girls whispering

Does this person make me change the way I am, when I am with them?

How does this friendship serve me?

Is this friendship still going just for old times sake however much I have outgrown it?

Do I give more than I receive with this friendship?

Is this friendship stopping me from moving and making changes with my life?




Your wellbeing starts with you and the way you view life, introducing something different can be the turning point you need to feel more fulfilled.

As friendships end it can open the door to many more which are in keeping with how you live your life and the changes you wish to make.

I wish you much happiness in finding your well being