Thinking yourself in and out of pain

Life indeed clicks with me at times, this I have discovered is my experience outcome.

Earlier in 2017 I finally went to the G.P. about my painful, stiff fingers and some painful toes and ankle joints.  I was sent for a blood test which revealed higher levels than normal of inflammation and rheumatism which resulted being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

I was upset at the thought of having this disease. I had watched my Mum struggle with it and end up bedridden. I could only see the devastation it causes to the joints with pain and disfigurement.

So my outcome had become pain and disfigurement that wasn’t going to go away.

The G.P suggested that I go and see the consultant rheumatologist. I didn’t really want to go however the G.P suggested it would be a good idea.

My appointment for the consultant came through very quickly.

I said  that I had stiff and at times achy fingers and sometimes felt some problems with my feet and ankles, going on to explain I was under a lot of stress in my life at the time and I felt that it may be contributing to the joint problems, it was just ignored.

Being examined revealed the joints I was experiencing problems. I was told I needed an xray of my feet and hands and was offered a steroid injection, explaining that it was a stop gap and that I was to take two other medications as well.

I explained that I wanted to think about all this and was not very happy with the side affects of medications and the fact I was not in any pain. He then went on to say that if I didn’t and it all got worse there would be nothing they could do for me.

I left with a prescription for steroid tablets and leaflets explaining the medications I was expected to take, feeling bullied and harassed. I never did fill the prescription for steroids


I then sunk into accepting that I had this condition and things began to get worse, experiencing pain and difficulty using my fingers and walking.







Picking myself up from this horrible place I could see the outcomes I had created for myself.

  1. If my thoughts are always on the condition I have, it will continue
  2. Getting myself out of this place eased the aches and pains
  3. Using the Body Code to give myself sessions on the symptoms I was experiencing gradually released the upset that sat behind this condition.
  4. Finding the right nutrition for myself was a great help, I never seem to need pain relief
  5. Very rarely do I have swollen joints
  6. I find homeopathy, massage to get the blood flowing and energy healing a great help.

My outcome is still ongoing with love and support from others including Occupational Therapy who have taught me how to cope and exercise my stiff fingers.