Refreshing your outlook

When you want to see something different on a page on the internet you click on the refresh. This updates the page showing you something different.

If you never refresh yourself you will always get the same thing.

January is a time of change for some however perhaps you could look at what you could improve on the way you treat yourself.

Looking back over the last year what were the main things that stood out for you?

Perhaps moving home, changing a job, a new relationship began or a relationship ended, the passing of a loved one, ill health has visited you or those around you, were some of the things that happened in your life.

Take a moment to reflect on how you dealt with things that came up for you. Ask yourself what did I learn from these experiences.

  • How did you deal with things?
  • When things didn’t work out how you wanted them too, what did you do?
  • Did you feel a failure?
  • Have you been beating yourself up every since?
  • Regretting something you did or didn’t do?


Lets click on the refresh button here.

  • You took a huge step to change things in your life, congratulate yourself
  • Starting something new takes courage you can feel vulnerable and at times unable to cope, however you still continued with it. It took courage.
  • With the passing of a loved one or the end of a relationship, be grateful for what that person/pet has given your life. Smile with the happy memories and allow the grief. You survived a very difficult time.
  • When ill health arrives, you make decisions about yourself or others. You decide if it needs to be medication, healing, vitamins or just more exercise. Your body is telling you it needs help. Those around you who became unwell now need your support. You needed strength to make decisions and support others.


As I look back at my year, there has been a lot of ill health around me and even some for myself.

This is what I have learnt

  • With those around me I have learnt to have patience, putting myself in their position and asking myself what would I need?
  • To create boundaries for my time and learning to say no.
  • To accept the place I am in and those around me with their health.
  • Allowing others to make decisions for themselves about their health.
  • Give myself more time to rest and allow time do things that now take me longer
  • Find out about my own ill health and that of others around me, so that I am well informed
  • Listening to my body, finding out what is making it unhappy and spending time healing it.
  • I have so many great friends and support, they are always there to pick me when things get tough.
  • Gratitude for the fact I can still get out for a walk, see friends and laugh.

January is a time for refreshing your outlook on yourself, give yourself time to adjust to anything new that comes into your life and then start counting your blessings.