How to change energies

Your physical energies are like waves that ebb and flow.   When you feel unwell the cells of the body gather to fight any infections leaving you depleted and feeling tired. It takes a lot of energy to clear an infection. At these times it is important to rest as much as possible.   Other […]

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Being responsible

Change takes place in all manner of ways. There is a trend to not take responsibility for ourselves or our actions.   This can take the form of going to the Doctor and handing over the responsibility for yourself to someone else. Not even checking the medication you are given is the right one for […]

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Dealing with people

  Do you find yourself uncomfortable in the company of some people? Some people mirror what we don’t like about ourselves or they are reflecting back at us what we need to see or understand. We need to sit and ask questions of ourselves to find out which one it is.   Did you find […]

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