How to change energies

Your physical energies are like waves that ebb and flow.


When you feel unwell the cells of the body gather to fight any infections leaving you depleted and feeling tired. It takes a lot of energy to clear an infection. At these times it is important to rest as much as possible.


Other times when something exciting is happening in your life, perhaps going on a long awaited holiday, your physical energies rise because you feel good and it creates hormones which feed this feeling.


So how do you keep a balance?


We can create your own energies whenever we need them.


Supporting the immune system will help your body fight infections and most of the immune system is in the gut.


Keeping yourself fit will raise your physical energy levels, this can be achieved within your body limits.  Yoga and Qi gong are great ways to exercise and can be done sitting as well as standing.


You can also create your own feel good energies. Meditation relieves stress and can raise your bodies vibrational energy leading to a more holistic and spiritual lifestyle.  To begin meditation is it as simple as just become aware of your breathing, it keeps your mind occupied. If thoughts come into your head do not get involved with them just let them float by. You can say to yourself “I am breathing in” “I am breathing out” again it keeps your mind occupied and gives you peace.


Being able to protect yourself from others negative energies will help you keep happier.

This can be achieved by closing your eyes and becoming aware of your breathing, let your body relax.

Now  imagine yourself in a shower of beautiful white light that cleans your aura and body of all negative energies that you have collected from others, this will include cords that others attach to you to take your energy. See these melt away and your body completely clean of all negativity


Now imagine you are creating a protective bubble which begins just under your feet and covers your whole body then closes over your head. You feel safe within your bubble and watch all negative energies or cords just sliding off your bubble and not affecting you. Do this each day to make sure you are protected just in case you may have let your bubble slip.


You can also create your own positive energies with mantra’s.


Your thoughts and words create what is in your life so why not include some positive vibes.


“I am fit well and healthy”

“Today I have great physical energy”

“Look into the mirror, smile and say “I love you”


Other ways to create some lovely energy


Think of 3 things you are grateful for each night before you to sleep.

Think of 3 things you are grateful for each morning as you clean your teeth.

Look at your day each evening and pick out a positive event that made you smile.


Whatever we are grateful for we create more of.


And finally. What did you do to make someone else happy today?