Harmony with balance

Balance within the body creates harmony in the mind. Imbalance creates disharmony in the mind creating more unwanted thoughts.

Our lives revolves around how balanced we feel, just like the earth relies on the sun for its growth and the planets to maintain its  axis that insures it moves gently and smoothly.




When we are constantly in our minds with the thoughts whizzing around we are out of balance. There are times when we need our minds to do our work or create shopping lists. There are other times when it is not needed.



We create our mind balance by simply grounding ourselves, this is a great exercise to do daily


Calming the mind

Imagine you are beginning your breath from under your feet draw this breath up the front of your body to the top of your head then release this down the back so you make a complete circle. With the next breath take this a little further out from the body than the last one. Do 7 breaths in all


As you complete these 7 breaths imagine that you have strong roots coming out of the soles of your feet, these roots go down into the earth with ease and as you come to a boulder you wrap your roots around this rock to anchor yourself

Your mind can create lots of constant chatter or nagging, then you begin to beat yourself up with what your mind perceives as your failures.

Here is a simple but effective way of calming this down.

Mind Chatter

The endless chatter of the mind. It is judgemental and tries to analyse what is going on all the time it is useless to resist as this only makes things worse “as to resist is to persist”

The mind’s job is to help us survive hence the chatter, your minds assignment is to keep you

alive. Your mind is trying to help you the best way it can so you need to thank it.

“Thank you very much for your concern and Thank you for the advice however I am going to

step aside from this but I appreciate your help”.

Don’t forget the mind also comes up with very valid things such as look both ways crossing the road, look after your money, remember to send your Mum a birthday card.

Keeping your mind balanced can bring such calmness into your life, giving you time to consider what your next move will be without the constant interruptions.

I wish you a journey filled with insights and calming thoughts.