Gifts of spirit guides

There are times when life teaches us such great lessons.

Meditation gives us the chance to understand what gifts our life brings us. It gives a peace that lets our minds quieten so we can be with our authentic selves.

I am always very happy to do a visualisation meditation where I am led into a scenario. I have often met my spirit guide who looks a bit like Dumbledore the headmaster from the Harry Potter stories. He is wise and has had many life times here on earth and now spends time assisting me.

We often walk along a beach together in these meditations either in silence of giving me advice on a worry I might have. I know I can call on him to help me write blogs or quotes for social media or even some overall advice for everyone.

He brings a peace with him and sometimes I can feel him place his hands on my shoulders, giving me a feeling of relaxation and warmth.

With my work he passes on wisdom to clients that somehow just pops into my head which I know is not my mind.


Native American woman


One of my other spirit guide is a Native American, very tiny lady who dresses very elaborately and tickles my chin with a feather so that I know she is with me, giving me healing.

She also guides me with my hands on therapies, leading me to the best place for my hands to be placed on the client, also guiding me with any crystals the client may need.

Again she has had many lifetimes on earth and now spends time helping me.

What gifts these are for me.




We all have a spirit guide who can sometimes be humorous or are waiting to be heard or asked questions. This is your gift that you can receive just by asking, then sitting quietly until you either feel a presence or a knowing that they are with you.

Join a meditation group or go to a workshop where you will be able to meet your spirit guides in meditation with the knowledge that you can ask questions of your guide and get answers. Sometimes they are not the answers you expected to hear.