Dealing with people


Do you find yourself uncomfortable in the company of some people?

Some people mirror what we don’t like about ourselves or they are reflecting back at us what we need to see or understand.

We need to sit and ask questions of ourselves to find out which one it is.


  • Did you find this person opinionated?


  • Were they loud and/or standing within your comfort zone?


  • How did they listen to you? was it some of the time or not at all?


  • Was there a conversation or was it one sided?


  • Did you find them judgemental of you?


  • Did you feel belittled by them?


It is time to be honest and totally relaxed with yourself to find the answers.

For numbers 1 to 3 it is more than likely a reflection of yourself in some way.

For numbers 4 to 6 it is a need to listen to how you speak to others and put yourself in their shoes to see how you can make changes.


When you are relaxed with yourself you will begin to see how compassionate you are with others and how much you have their wellbeing at our heart. Others will find it easier to approach you and you will find them asking for your opinion.


When you are not relaxed with yourself you become defensive and put up barriers so that you don’t become hurt or feel uncomfortable in the company of others. People will find you difficult to speak to or have conversations with as you project aggressiveness and having to be right through a lack of self confidence.


Relaxation is not just sitting in a chair it is about feeling relaxed with yourself in the company of others which includes being able to laugh and forgive yourself when you feel a mistake is made.


Taking that deep breath and plunging in with your listening, compassionate ears on, will make a great start.


Keep a journal of how you feel what is being reflected back at you and what is mirroring your own behaviour.