Amazing Energy Clinic

The amazing energy clinic is a chance to experience how good it feels when your old emotions or body imbalances are released.

We shall need to be working on something in your 15 minute session. This can be anything that is concerning you.

Such as

  • Feeling unhappy


  • Having painful joints, headaches or a medical condition


  • Feelings of grief and loss


  • Lack of self confidence


  • Money worries or feeling blocked in some way


As you can see it can be anything at all

Once you have decided what you would like to work on, put a number against it from 1 which is not so much of a problem to 10 being the worse it could be.


At your 15 minute session

I shall be making a connection to your subconscious. Your subconscious is your computer and stores everything that has happened to you. I shall be asking questions to get a yes or no answer, this is completed with me muscle testing. Then I quickly and easily release what has been found.

We shall either be working to clear trapped emotions or imbalances within the body which are causing your concerns. The detail will include what age it happened, what part of the body it is affecting. I shall explain each item as it comes up.

Show me more about Trapped Emotions

Show me more about Imbalances within the body


Session options

Your session can be made with the following options at your allotted.

Phone: Skype: Facetime:


Payment Option

It would be wonderful if you could insure that your payment is made prior to the session taking place.


I shall raise a paypal invoice for £10 using the email address that you have provided. You will receive an email from paypal.

If you do not have a paypal account just follow the instructions on the email to make your payment.

If you do have a paypal account then please make the payment as usual


The bank account will be provided if you chose this as your payment option.


Cheques are accepted, full details are provided once your booking is made



We will need to establish the following prior to the session.


1. The date you would like the session

2. Your session option

3. Payment Option

4. Your name and who the session is for


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