I’m Patricia Hicks, founder and owner of Turquoise Light.


How my clients are treated


  • I make sure all my clients feel secure, safe and at ease with me.
  • Explaining what is happening, having fun, empathising and listening all take place during a session.
  • Passing on my knowledge to hlep clients makes changes in their lives is just as important as the therapies.

My knowledge and skills


  • I began my Reiki Seichem journey in 2007 attaining my Reiki Seichem Master in 2009.
  • The” Footsteps of the Soul” facilitator of Transformational Healing training was taken in 2010.
  • My Quantum-Touch Practitioners courses were completed in July 2012. I marvel at the speed and ease in which this therapy works.
  • The Emotion Code study and certificate was taken on line in July 2012. So simple in it’s use but great on results
  • The Body Code system called to me in 2013 I have witnessed wonderful results with this therapy.
  • Including the Timeline in 2013 has increased the ease with which clients can change their past upsets for the better
  • Going deeper with Three Dimensional Therapy has released old and deep seated patterns from clients giving them the happiness they deserve