Holistic & Reiki Therapist

Patricia Hicks founded Turquoise Light to help you find inner peace, joy, relaxation and be able to live life without the drama.

Holistic therapy is all about treating the Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole, clearing away the problems which are causing pain, upset and misery to you.

Being a Holistic and Reiki Therapist Practitioner living in the South West of England gives me the unique opportunity to offer you some wonderful treatments in this beautiful part of the country. You can even enjoy a holiday or a weekend break at the same time.

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The amazing energy clinic

Trapped emotions and body imbalances.

Find out where yours have been hiding and how good it feels when they are released

A 15 minute taster for just £10. Adults and children can benefit

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How the amazing energy clinic works

We can work on anything that is a concern to you or your child

I shall explain what is found and how easily it is released, as your session progresses

This is a great way to experience life changing therapies.  Find out more